Artist, founder, and investor. @arram

About Me

In 2008 it was clear that something special was happening in Silicon Valley that would be remembered as part of history. It felt like a combination of the gold rush and Florence in the Renaissance, so I sold everything I owned and moved to San Francisco.

I wanted to start my own company. To that end, I joined as the fifth employee, where I worked for all of twenty months. I took out the trash, tested the website, and ordered the lunches.

Company meals turned out to be a logistical nightmare, so with the help and encouragement of Justin Kan, I started offering managed catering as a service to other companies. Within three months I was making more from this business than my job, and went full time.

We eventually hired hundreds of people and did hundreds of millions of dollars in sales to companies like Apple, SpaceX, and Google.

In 2018 after nine years of running ZeroCater I decided our COO could do the job better than me and promoted them to CEO. I remain involved as Chairman of the Board.

Now I get to make art and work with founders making new companies.