Artist, inventor, founder & former CEO of ZeroCater, and occasional investor. Pronounced Āh-rām. @arram

In 2009 I started ZeroCater. That story is here.

In 2015 we announced surpassing $100m total sales. I also gave a talk at HustleCon about how things go very wrong for most startups and the importance of not getting discouraged.

In 2016 some friends and I started The Archive –  a communal living house with ten sixteen twenty-two residents. I now consider this one of the best decisions I ever made.

In 2017 I invested in Longevity Fund, which invests in early stage biotech companies working on increasing human healthspan. I was also (very incidentally) mentioned in a New Yorker article on Silicon Valley’s Quest to Live Forever.

In 2018 after nine years of running ZeroCater I handed over the reins to our amazing COO (now CEO). I remain involved as Chairman of the Board. I was also interviewed on The Morning Show about what it’s like to live at The Archive

2019 was a year of rest and travel with some tinkering on projects.

2020 🤦


Favorite essays and videos

The Most Important Graph in the World (or, an explosion of human flourishing thanks to science, technology, and capital which is contrary to many popular narratives)